Dödsrit - Mortal Coil (Cassette Pre-Order)

Dödsrit - Mortal Coil (Cassette Pre-Order)

The Hell Command, in conspiracy with Wolves of Hades, is pleased to present in limited edition cassette format "Mortal Coil", the third full length from Dödsrit. This is a pre-order item that is expected to begin shipping around May 21st, 2021.


The first single "Shallow Graves" is streaming now at Order Ov The Black Arts.

"Mortal Coil" officially releases on May 28th, 2021. Vinyl version available for pre-order from Wolves of Hades.

1. The Third Door
2. Shallow Graves
3. Mortal Coil
4. Apathetic Tongues 

Out from a concept of misery and suffering, our feeble and dying world is the subject of a new hymn to its demise. “Mortal Coil” is Dödsrit's third full-length, featured on a yet short
career though wholly filled with soul drenching moments. Featuring four tracks, Dödsrit's "Mortail Coil" hails the smothering ashes of purgatory's flames by forging a wall of soultearing riffing, blistering belligerence conjoining melody with aggression, a genuine blaze of cacophony and heart wrenching melancholy.

Consuming all in its path, this relentless maelstrom of grief finds its vision on the thunderous production - utterly powerful and blisteringly organic in all its dynamism. Such sonic virtues get sheerly enhanced by the lively rhythmic section and
uncompromised ferocity. Whether on blastbeating outbreaks, D-beat infused vigour or further atmospheric escapades, pulsing impulses carry an expression and sense of craftsmanship that amazingly translate emotions into cataclysmic beats.

Drenched in anguish, a scourged narrator of tragedies spews every single word with the blood and fiery distress of a heart burdened by the weight of our sorrowed existence, a shivering performance of a tongue absorbed in the (dis)comfort of eternal grief. Out under the banner of Wolves of Hades, “Mortal Coil” is a eulogy to the world in flames - to the hell we call our home.