Ayr - The Dark (Cassette)

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"The Dark" cassette from Ayr first pressing limited to 50 copies.

Track Listing:
1. Origins in Descent
2. Where All Light Dies
3. Worship the Dark
4. Swallowed
5. Return to the Void
6. Sever the Golden Chain

Unexpected and long awaited, North Carolina's elusive black metal duo returns after 9 years of silence. Ayr went silent after the 2011 release of the epic "Nothing Left To Give" EP as members were focused on other projects. Since that time, the band has quietly been piecing together the new album in multiple recording sessions from 2013-2018. The process was slow and held up at times but patience has paid off and arrived in the form of a massive and atmospheric blow to the chest known simply as "The Dark."

The album was recorded and mixed by Rick Contes at Seven Doors Audio Recording and mastered by Wilder Irvine at Omni Sound Studios. "The Dark" is set for release Summer 2020 via The Hell Command and Wolves of Hades on vinyl, cassette, CD formats.